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Name:The Kinky Korner
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for "Extreme" Kinks
This is an Open Musebox/Meet-and-Greet community for people with bizarre kinks!

Please follow these simple rules. They are important.

1. Be Respectful.
These are other human beings you are communicating with. Do not attack anyone for anything. Especially none of the whole "(s)he started it!" This is an adult community, and I expect good adult behavior.
We are all here because we have a very bizarre fetish. We are all here because we are looking for friends who will write it with us, whether they are sharing that interest or exploring it. No matter what, absolutely do not bash someone for the kink they have.
3. Be cool, man.
Also note that this is a community where we should be open-minded. If you see a kink you don't understand, don't respond with "eww what the hell", but with "I'm not sure I understand, can you explain?" This is a judgment-free zone.
Try not to hound people to tag you. There's a difference between a friendly reminder and contacting them all the time and getting frustrated with them for not tagging. Some people gotta be in the mood for smut, and persisting for it is definitely not the way to get anything done.
5. Have fun!
It's pretendy funtimes, after all! You don't have to reply to everyone, just the people you feel more interested in or comfortable with. On the other end, you shouldn't be too offended when someone doesn't tag! They may not be totally comfortable, and the best thing to do is be understanding of that.

So now you're going "okay cool I can dig the code of conduct and I think I'm ready to post for my kink". Awesome! There's just two things to do to keep things neat and organized:
1. Labels!
Title your post with the general "genre" of kink you're going for. Add a tag to the post for the kink. Give it a big and flashy advertising title if you want!
2. Cuts!
Some people aren't into it and don't wanna see it, your post might be kinda big, or it might be material that's emotionally upsetting to some people (dub- or noncon, gore/guro, etc). We want to give you all a chance to roleplay, but we also want to give people skimming the comm the ability to easily scroll over.

Enjoy your smut, my friends!
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